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00:22This woman shows what happens when butt implants go wrongThe surgeon did a sloppy job on this woman's butt. As you can see in the video, her butt implant flips backwards easily, and goes from something curved into something straight, so we guess she won't find it funny at all. 00:14So Rocky Balboa trained before his boxingFunny video where we will see what the trick Silverter jealously guarded by Stallone when embodied the role of Rocky Balboa. The secret is to get training in the dilated fists ass of a slut.02:09Biker couple shagging while traveling down the highwayWe thought it was not possible to fuck while you are riding a motorcycle, but a Russian couple has made it very clear that you can perfectly do it, and here we have the video that proves it, where we will be able to see how the woman gets fucked while the guy rides the motorcycle.01:05Some erotic videos shown during a police training course have been reportedThe controversy is served, thanks to some videos that were shown during a police training class on first aid in Jaca (Huesca). In these lewd videos we will be able see two women staging CPR in an erotic way.06:30Hidden camera of a horny housewife making the electrician hornyA Spanish woman who's addicted to morbid fascination is going to put a hidden camera in a room and is going to call the electrician to fix the installation. The guy will be subjected to an ordeal, during which the woman will try to arouse him at all costs.00:33They find a couple are fucking while fishing on a riverSome fishermen who are quietly sailing on a river are gonna unintentionally film a couple, fucking next to the reeds, pretty weird, right? but they weill all be taken by surprise when they realise that there's a guy who's watching them, right by their side, as the couple continues fucking.01:39A thief who's jerking off with a dummy gets caught on cameraA petty thief is going to star in one of the most absurd robbery videos we've ever seen, leaving us open-mouthed when stopping his misdeeds in order to wank off while gropping a mannequin.00:31The Sprite's banned ad in which a woman gives a blowjobA woman is giving head to a black guy when a refreshing drink appears out of the blue, and as she desires it so much, she will believe that her friend's jizz is just like the Sprite's bubbly jet, wetting her face.04:49Couple fucking in the waiting room at a tattoo shopA security camera will pick up images of an interracial couple, banging in the waiting room at a tattoo studio, believing that nobody can see them and enjoying having sex in a public place without noticing the camera.01:05Bizarre woman gets three fists in her ass at the same timeIn this extreme porn video we will see how some women have no anal limits and can receive up to three whole fists in their assholes. Here, the women will wiggle them and the lady who gets them will be able to feel them in her womb.01:05Woman breaks new record, introducing multiple cherry tomatoes in her ass and pussyAlthough it may seem hard to believe it, here we've got a video where a woman puts 50 small tomatoes in her asshole and in her cunt, proving great anal elasticity and a passion for masturbating with vegetables.00:50The man with the smallest cock in the world jerking offThe man with the smallest dick in the world is going to show us how he wanks off. Specifically, he will use some tweezers to have fun, rubbing his meatpole with them to finish cumming. You are happier now with your cock size, aren't you?08:38Bizarre man shows us how he plays with his anal prolapseIn this video about extreme bizarre sex we will see a guy showing us his bizarre asshole, through which we will be able to see a nasty prolapse coming out, and with which he will play, shoving a truncated cone in it and even patting the cone.01:06Old woman berating a couple of drunks who want to fuckAn old lady who is a mood-killer is not gonna let a couple of drunks get laid in the street as the rain falls upon their heads. The old woman will yell at the bombed woman to prevent them to get to fuck in front of her.00:44Incident in a party, with shot glasses, underwear and pokerIn this porn video we will see three women drinking alcohol shots among them, playing to lick salt from the bellybutton of one of them who's on top of the game table, without thinking about the consequences of having so much fun.
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